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Self Defense & Why I Oppose the Current Red Flag Law HB19-1177

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I believe that just because I cannot afford a security detail, does not mean I should not be allowed to defend myself.

From my personal experience, I know that police don’t prevent crime.  A gun in my hand is better than a hundred law enforcement officers on the way.  Furthermore I’ve been advised by the Douglas County Sherif’s office that it would take a minimum of 35 minutes for anyone to get to my subdivision should I call 911. In April of 2016 a person, who as defined by the current ERPO law as a “family member” brutally assaulted me, raped me,  shoved me against a wall ... this man is 6’3” and 225lbs of sheer muscle.  Much stronger than I. I managed to get away from him just long enough to grab his gun from the nightstand.  I pointed HIS gun at him and told him that if he took another step I would shoot.  I barricaded myself in the bedroom called 911 and waited for an hour and thirteen minutes for law enforcement to show up.  (At the time we lived less than a mile from the police station ) My perpetrator not only brutally abused me, he filmed it and the officers watched the video on his phone and refused to do anything. I felt violated twice, once by the perpetrator and again by the policemen who came to my home. This person, under the current law can call file an ERPO that would in effect leave me defenseless against the man who would have killed me, had it not been for a gun.   He could weaponize an ERPO and have my property and means of self defense seized leaving me defenseless for a minimum of 14 days (time enough to kill me) not only that.  Since the victim of the ERPO doesn’t even get notified until the police arrives it’s quite possible that I would be killed by police while conducting a no knock raid and my perpetrator could save himself the trouble of doing it himself. .

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