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REYNOLDS: Gov. Polis, you can protect Colorado lives and rights at the same time

Aurora Sentinal Opinion Column May 8th, 2020:

"The Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, among several others.

"However, recent actions by the Polis Administration have abrogated the free exercise of those Constitutionally-mandated rights.

"Additionally, the Polis Administration has taken upon itself the right to determine which American businesses and activities are deemed “essential”.

"This is a decision and power neither granted to the Polis Administration by any higher power nor one for which it is sufficiently knowledgeable or configured.

"As free and responsible individuals, we hold jobs, we care for our families, pay taxes, and drive cars.

"We voted to hire you as our Governor.

"Are we not smart and responsible enough to decide what risks to take for ourselves and our families?

"A sign at a recent event protesting the COVID-based restrictions noted “My freedom does not end at the point of your fears”, and indeed, it does not."

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