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Mandates Make Pandemic Worse - Aurora Sentinel

Aurora Sentinel Colorado, April 8th, 2020:

"Victoria Reynolds, chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado said the orders should be scrapped entirely.

"Reynolds said people who can stay inside should, or otherwise practice social distancing.

"But she said the stay-at-home order is “absolutely unnecessary” because most people would do so even without the government telling them to.

"'I think we’re capable of taking care of ourselves,' Reynolds said. 'Last I looked, Mr. Polis was not my mommy.'

"She said she and her neighbors around her Sedalia home are consolidating grocery runs for senior residents and checking in on each other.

"In her view, at-risk people such as the elderly and immune-compromised people should especially stay at home to protect themselves — but the decision should be theirs alone.

"'That’s why we live in a free-market society where people can do as they please,' Reynolds said.

"Libertarians aren’t alone in pushing against pandemic mandates."

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