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KDVR: 2 Different Perspectives on Reopening Colorado

KDVR DENVER, April 16th, 2020:

"But there are some who say the state should have never been shuttered in the first place.

"'Overstepped is an understatement,' said Victoria Reynolds, the chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party.

"Reynolds is helping to organize Operation Gridlock, an event on the state Capitol steps Sunday afternoon, as well as another event happening at about the same time that the Libertarian Party of Colorado is organizing.

"As of Thursday evening, nearly 400 people on Facebook said they would attend and almost 2,000 were interested.

"'While the virus is real, the effect on the economy is also very real,' Reynolds said.

"'Shutting us down is going to hurt more people than not shutting us down will.'

"Reynolds said people who go to the event will be told the keep their distance from one another and wear masks."

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