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Denver Post: Inside Colorado’s growing anti-shutdown movement

The Denver Post, April 25th:

Victoria Reynolds, chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party, says the party began protesting Polis’ state-at-home order on the March day it went into effect, beginning with a petition and followed by the first protests.

The message from libertarians was simple: This is an unconstitutional constraint on civil liberties.

“We said, ‘Let’s do something, we have to do something. Because if we don’t do something, who is going to take the lead on this?’” Reynolds recalls thinking.

In the month since, she has watched the movement grow from a few people, to hundreds, to thousands protesting at the Capitol.

The governor criticized the anti-shutdown protests the day after he agreed to let it expire but repeated a common refrain from protesters, telling NBC, “Every business is essential. Everything that people do is essential.”

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