In a partisan environment that, ironically, seems to deliver a lot of the same, no matter what side, Victoria rises above the rest as someone who is truly committed to empowering her neighbors - the citizens of Douglas County and Colorado - with true freedom to rebuild their personal and family economies, to make choices and decisions unencumbered by bureaucratic interference, and to reducing the government's role so it serves its citizens rather than the other way around. Douglas County has a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership and commitment to principle. A vote for and support for Victoria is more than a vote for a Douglas County Commissioner: it's a vote for a higher standard of public service and for a paradigm that cultivates freedom and is quickly diminishing in importance in our most partisan spaces. I look forward to Victoria's success and what other counties and states can learn from her work once she is elected.


Ed Lopez


Member, Defense & Foreign Policy Advisory Council at Our America Initiative 

Member, Executive Committee at Hispanic Leadership Fund

Former National Vice Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

Municipal Representative, Greenwich, CT

Former resident of Colorado 


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